January 13th 2015

The 2015 season has already been a busy one for Devin Jones and the Barbarian Monster Truck as they're embarking on a busy first quarter schedule with Monster Jam. They kicked off the new year in Houston, Texas at NRG Stadium as part of an extra treat for the die hard fans in Houston by competing in the Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle challenge against Todd LeDuc of Metal Mulisha and 6 other trucks. Devin delievered a strong performance with some big air and slap wheelies but didn't dethrone the reigning champion.

Barbarian - Houston Monster Jam 2015
(Photo By: Matthew Ison Photography)

After some quick repairs Devin was off to San Antonio, Texas for two big shows at the Alamodome. Devin was fast enough to qualify in the top 8 both days in a row to make the racing bracket, but would be defeated in round one both days. Freestyle was where Devin shined this weekend as he had the Barbarian working well and thrilling the crowd. Saturday night's freestyle performance earned Devin a 6th place performance, while on Sunday afternoon he piloted Barbarian to a 7th place score.

Barbarian - San Antonio Monster Jam 2015
(Photo By: Kenny Lau - MonsterJam.com)

This week Devin and the Barbarian are headed back to Houston to visit NRG Stadium for the second time this season against another great field of trucks. Be sure to keep up with us by liking our Facebook page here for more on the Barbarian Monster Truck.


December 19th 2014

With the long season over for the Barbarian Team, Devin has been working countless hours repairing and upgrading the truck for the 2015 season thats not to far away. Looks like another great show lineup with Monster Jam in high hopes to be invited back to the World Finals to prove they are one of the best independent teams out there. Barbarians 2014 summer tour seen alot of trophies brought back to the Oklahoma based shop along with the bragging right of being the winner. It was tough with a great list of trucks which made for alot of excitement and featured some wow moments for all the teams competing as well as the fans watching. Go check out the Events page to see when and where Barbarian will be coming near you. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season from all us at Team Barbarian.

May 9th 2014

Devin and Barbarian was sure ready for the 2014 season of Monster Jam with the new look of the truck that they ran at World Finals 14 as well as the help from North Star Ranch keeping the Barbarian in tip top shape. The first quarter see some great moments from the team against some of the best competition out there and with some of the shows being aired of Fox Sports 1. New Orleans seen Barbarian end up in 2nd place in freestyle out of a huge star studded lineup and just the next week in St Louis Devin upset fan favorite Tom Meents in Max D in first racing rd. Devin was showing the fans why he was awarded that honor of Rising Star in 2013 with strong freestyles and great racing.

Yet again Devin and Barbarian got the invitation to go to the World Finals 15 but this time not as a young gun but as a Big Show competitor and they proved they belonged with the best. Early problems in freestyle with broken steering ram  the truck lined up for a container and Devin went for broke landing his first ever backflip and continued will a run that was good for 8th out of the 32 trucks there. The team seemed to be on cloud 9 after the show but it only got better. The awards banquet was held and the team received the 2014 Monster Jam TEAM OF THE YEAR AWARD which means so much more to Devin being the sole person to put all the sweat and work into keeping the team going.

With the busiest summer schedule that the team has ever had, they are ready to defend their Monster Truck Throwdown  championship and thrill thousands of fans across the country. So go see when the Barbarian is going to be near you and come cheer us on.

December 6th 2013

With a great 2013 season behind the team, we were awarded the Rising Star award for Monster Jam as well as winning The Monster Truck Throwdown championship. We are gearing up for a bigger season in 2014 with some huge stadiums. Go check out schedule to see where we will be in 2014.


July 16th 2013

Once again Barbarian proves he has what it takes against some of the best in the business. Miami seen an Avenger, Bounty Hunter and Barbarian sluggout with Barbarian taking home all the trophies and retaining them in hometown.

With the busy summer in full swing. First 2 shows of the Monster Truck Throwdown tour in Rice Lake, WI and St. Ignace MI were all Barbarians. Sweeping 6 of 6 events put Jones in huge lead in points. Next stop was Mt. Pleasant MI were Jones continued to rack up points by taking home racing championship and 2nd in freestyle.

Be sure to check out Barbarian on Facebook to see how the points championship is going.


June 6th 2013

In San Antonio, Barbarian made it to the second round of racing but fell short to the fast time qualifier. Freestyle saw huge air with slap wheelies and a run ending in a roll over which scored 21 making it good for 4th out of 17 trucks. In Houston Barbarian did ok in racing. Started with a good freestyle but rear steer issues ended the run prematurely. With the likes of the top contenders of Monster Jam, Barbarian set fastest qualifier but lost in the second round of racing. A great freestyle run ended with a score of 20 points. St. Louis is in the books with a solid mid-pack qualifying time, but faced World Racing Champion, John Seasock, in the first round. Freestyle was solid with decent air and the truck ending on its top. Barbarian finished 5th with a score of 22 points. Trying to go for the M.A.P. Championship three years running in Austin, Barbarian won all 6 out of 6 events. Continuing for a strive at the Championship, Barbarian took both racing wins, but fell short to a local truck on the rest of the events in Odessa. With the biggest show of the year, in front of 70,000 fans, Barbarian had a bad bounce in the qualifying pass sending the truck in a barrel roll. The crew thrashed hard to fix the damage on the truck to come out in freestyle. Freestyle ended up with a score of 22. Waco started off with the crowd on their feet as Barbarian's wheelie stuck the truck vertical for over two minutes. With the M.A.P. Championship within grasp, Barbarian ended up sweeping all the competitions in Waco. The last stop right before Vegas, Kearney, Nebraska, saw both wheelie and freestyle wins. The team heads to Las Vegas, Nevada for the Young Gun Championship at the Monster Jam World Finals.

The Barbarian truck debut a brand new wrap at the Monster Jam World Finals, especially for the Vegas crowd. After having trouble adjusting to the fast track, Barbarian qualified 9th and had to face El Diablo in the first round. Winning the first round led up to racing a friend, the number one qualifier, Titan. With a very close race, Barbarian came out within 3/100th of a second behind Titan. After being nominated for a few awards, Barbarian was pleasantly surprised to receive the Rising Star of the Year Award.

At Ft. Smith on night one, Barbarian swept all but one event and the second night started off great with wheelie and racing wins but suffered a broken crank in the motor ending the night short.

Night one in Springdale, Arkansas was cancelled due to storms. On the second night, Barbarian won three out of five events (qualifying, wheelie, and Chicago style).

The team prepares for its biggest challenge of the year, with more trucks than ever on Barbarians home turf, Miami, OK.

January 8th 2013

With the start of the 2013 season underway, Devin and Barbarian headed to the BOK Center in Tulsa OK to take on some of the best in the business. Chaulking up a tailgate rippin wheelie win to start off the night, and just being edged out of first round against Monster Energy. Freestyle would bring a score of 22 which is pretty good early score with world champs Ryan Anderson and Marc McDonald there.

Sunday show would see Devin stand truck straight vertical and walking it across the top of cars but was only good for 2nd place. Racing against Tulsa native Marc McDonald in first round again , this time Devin was victorious but the photo finish call in semis against Monster Energy would be end to the hopes of a race win. Only freestyle left to go Barbarian came straight out of parking stall going big on van stack and continued a impressive start to a solid freestyle when truck nearly cleared all cars and pogoed on back bar tripping the rear kill resulting in a tie for 3rd and 4th.

With some minor repairs done, the team is heading to a series of huge stadium shows for Monster Jam. With stops in San Antonio, Houston, Indianapolis, and St. Louis the team has its work cut of for them. Stay tuned for results.

Nov. 20th 2012

Glad to be back home. It is time for team to prepare for first quarter. With a tough as usual schedule of huge stadiums shows for Monster Jam and trying to retain the MAP championship title everything has to be looked over and ready for the abuse. Checkout the updated schedule to see when Barbarian will be coming to city near you. Also visit Barbarian Monster Truck on facebook for up to date pics and videos. The Ka-boom Motorsports team would like to wish everyone a safe and happy thanksgiving holiday.


Nov. 1st 2012

As the final shows in 2012 come to close for the Barbarian truck , Devin was on his way to Europe to pilot California Kid for Straight Up Racing. Friend Bill Payne knows how hard Devin drives and works so was not a huge surprise that he was asked to be part of this opportunity. With stops in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and for first time ever Moscow Russia Devin showed he was there to win.

August 18th 2012

With one of the busiest summer schedules Devin has ever had, Barbarian was a force to reckon with sweeping every event in Denison IA and Garden City KS. This brought team to a tough lineup in Lincoln NE. Devin started the night off right with wheelie win and fastest qualifier only to make a huge mistake in turn and fall to good friend Jon Zimmer in final round of racing. With the support of the entire crowd, Devin did not disappoint putting down one of the best freestyles he has ever done.


 June 20th 2012

 With a great first quarter in the books and winning the title of MAP 2012 Champion. Winning the hometown show was in the site of Devin's eyes. With both big freestyle wins and a racing win. Devin showed that it was his domain and not even the best in the business was gonna take it away. The Kaboom Motorsports team summer schedule continues to be a dominate one getting runner up to Jon Zimmer at a huge event in Mount Pleasant MI. Devin bought a new meaning to Soaring Eagle Casino over the bus stack.





The new year is well underway and it has been a solid start to the season for the Kaboom Motorsports team, as Devin and Barbarian have taken on the stars of Monster Jam all around the midwest. Starting off 2012, Devin knew it would be a tough road ahead, not only moving up to the premiere Monster Jam series, but doing so with a brand new truck. This assessment has proved correct as the new truck has had its share of bugs to work out, but that hasn't stopped Devin from contending for wins on a weekly basis.


The season kicked off just down the road from home in Tulsa, Oklahoma for two big shows at the BOK Center. The show featured a stellar eight truck lineup and even though Devin laid down some great performances, with Pablo Huffaker and Adam Anderson in the lineup, runner-up was about the best you could hope for. The first weekend for the new truck was a success as Devin was very pleased with the new chassis, commentating on its great feel, stability and predicting it would be a great piece for big air.


The brand new Barbarian on display prior to its competitive debut in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


From Tulsa, it was on to Wichita, Kansas for another three show weekend at the INTRUST Bank Arena. The lineup would again be a tough eight truck field, but Devin was ready to see what the new truck could really do this weekend. A sweep of the wheelie contests and a big freestyle win on Friday night showed exactly what Barbarian is capable of.



The third weekend would be another big test as the team headed north for a big stadium event at the Metrodome in Minneapolis. Devin drew veteran Dan Patrick in Samson in the first round of racing and was even ahead into the final turn, but a slight bobble would result in a first round loss. Devin was ready for freestyle, time to air out the new truck. Unfortunately after three big hits, the rear driveshaft broke and that would be all for Barbarian.


This past weekend would wrap up the month of January in Little Rock, Arkansas at the Verizon Arena. Devin wasted no time serving notice that the Barbarian would be tough on Friday night, taking his fourth wheelie contest win of the year and going to the final of racing against Bounty Hunter. Unfortunately driveline problems struck again in the donut contest as the rotator assembly came apart putting Barbarian out for freestyle. Devin was determined to make up for it on Saturday, but problems struck again as the rear ring gear broke on the first hit in wheelies, ending the weekend prematurely.


The month of January definitely had its ups and downs for the Kaboom Motorsports team, but 5 wins in the tough Monster Jam series is a great start to the year. Devin is working the bugs out of the new truck and getting ready for this weekend's big stadium Monster Jam in Houston, Texas. Check out the updated Schedule page and be sure follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest news!



The Kaboom Motorsports team would like to wish all of our fans a very Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!  The new truck is progressing nicely and we are very excited to show it off, so keep watching for some photos as it gets closer to completion. We are also in the process of having some brand new Hero Cards made up, so be sure to watch for those and pick one up for your collection.


We are very excited to announce our 2012 Schedule for 1st Quarter!  The big news is that Devin and Barbarian will be returning to the Monster Jam series and competing in stadium events in Minneapolis, Houston and El Paso. Additionally we will be returning to our good friend John Darnell's MAP Motorsports tour, performing in some of our favorite cities - Austin, Odessa and Waco. Check the Schedule out and see if Devin and Barbarian will be coming to a town near you!