The 2016 season wrapped up over the weekend for Devin Jones and the Barbarian as they headed north to St. Louis, MIssouri’s Dome at America’s Center for Monster Jam. Jones would be competing against 13 other top monster trucks on the massive floor of The Dome at America’s Center and hoping to challenge for wins against a tough field of trucks. On Friday afternoon Jones and the Barbarian looked strong in practice with a time of 21.398 seconds which was .715 seconds off of the first place time put up by Damon Bradshaw and Monster Energy. Saturday would be show day and Jones started off the day by taking part in the pit party where thousands of St. Louis fans got to meet with Jones and see the Barbarian up close. Following the pit party it was time to get down to business in qualifying. Jones had a solid pass going but a tweaked sway bar on the truck cause a severe lean in the final corner which scrubbed off some time. The time of 21.636 seconds just missed making the racing bracket of the fastest eight qualifiers by just under a tenth of a second. Jones quickly repaired the sway bar and went out to compete in the wheelie contest where he did well, but didn’t quite get the bounce he was hoping for to walk the Barbarian into a slap wheelie. They would tie for second place in the wheelie competition with Bailey Shea in Scooby Doo.

After the wheelie contest it was time for freestyle and Jones got the Barbarian off to a great start early with some nice air. The new track style was tough on a lot of trucks and it was no different for the Barbarian after a couple harsh landings the transmission started slipping. Jones was determiend to put on a show though and battled through it to deliver some more nice jumps before finally cooking the transmission as time expired on his freestyle run. It would be a good run scoring 29 points to end their night.


For now the preparations for 2017 go into full swing as Jones and the Barbarian are looking forward to a very busy first quarter alongside Jamey Garner and Over Bored. Be sure to follow the Barbarian on Facebook and right here at for all the latest news and info!