Any time you get to perform close to home it’s special, but for Devin Jones and the Barbarian they get a true hometown show every year. While pressure comes with performing in front of your friends, family, and neighbors it gets taken up a notch when you’re competing against several of the best trucks in the industry as well. Each year some of the best trucks descend on Miami for two night’s of events with plenty of high flying thrills to battle for the King of Miami title.

The first event of the weekend was picture perfect for Jones and the Barbarian as they opened up the night with a wheelie contest win. Following wheelies Jones marched his way through the bracket in the high speed straightline drag racing course on his way to the finals. In the final round it would be the Barbarian sailing to a truck length victory over Jim Koehler and the Avenger. Freestyle would be a tough affair with many challengers pushing their trucks to the limit, but when the dust settled it was Barbarian coming out on top, giving Jones the sweep on the night.

Saturday night got off to another great start as Jones picked up the wheelie contest win with a wheelie bar dragging slap wheelie that had the hometown fans on their feet. Jones would fall early in racing but come back with another fantastic freestyle to end the weekend. While they didn’t pick up the freestyle win, the points earned throughout the weekend would be enough to claim the King of Miami title for 2017. It was a great moment for Jones to celebrate with so many in the area showing their support. It was a great start to the summer and success that Jones and the Barbarian look to carry on the rest of the season.