You might consider Devin Jones a throwback driver to the days of old. In the early days drivers built their trucks from the ground up. on their own. They were the driver, crew chief, and transporter all in one. Those drivers are few and far between, but Devin Jones and the Barbarian have made a name for themselves in the monster truck industry through hard work and dedication leading to great performances. Jones started simply with the most basic of trucks after jumping up from the ranks of tuff trucks and pro arena trucks. While the original truck lacked much of today’s advanced technology, Jones managed to be competitive against modern trucks and pick up wins. As Jones learned more he built the first tube framed Barbarian from scratch. With more knowledge and experience came more advancements as the truck became faster and stronger. Since then Jones has gone on to build his third tube framed truck which was completed in the spring of 2016.

Building trucks hasn’t all that Jones has done though since getting into the sport in 2007. To say the least Jones has proven he can build them and he drive them as well. Racing, freestyle, wheelies, donuts, whatever the competition; Jones comes to win no matter what. Jones often rides the ragged edge as he pushes the Barbarian to the limit but that has lead many wins and accolades over his career. in 2013 Jones claimed the Monster Truck Throwdown tour championship with a win packed season. The following year Jones was invited to compete in the Monster Jam World Finals, the largest and most prestigious event in the sport. Jones made a lasting impression during the freestyle competition as a World Finals rookie on one of the toughest courses ever when Jones put on a spectacular freestyle and landed his first ever backflip. The next night Jones would be awarded Monster Jam’s team of the year award, a massive achievement considering Jones has no crew.